Halloween party

How to throw the perfect Halloween party with the boys

Halloween is fast approaching and it’s time to get the decorations out in time for the spooky season. Stores are already stocking up on Halloween products, so it’s a good indication that it’s time to start preparing for Halloween. With Bill & Brandon, we want to find ways to express ourselves this halloween in a […]

Bill and brandon

How to keep your Bill and Brandon’s looking perfectly white

There’s nothing like a fresh pair of Bill and Brandon’s, there’s nothing quite like new underwear. Bill and Brandon’s underwear is made from high-quality premium materials, providing you with comfort and quality that is going to last. The problem with white clothing is that it needs to be washed separately to colours. If you wash […]

Bill and brandon

Why finding the perfect underwear is important

A lot of us go for cheaper prices over quality, but what if you could get reasonably priced underwear for less? Bill and Brandon specialise in creating premium garments which all men should consider adding to their drawers. So why should you find the perfect underwear? Cheaper Brands will damage easily What you don’t want […]

Bill and brandon

Why men should be allowed to wear sexy underwear

Women’s underwear is everywhere, from in shops in your local town to all over social media, whether it’s bras, underwear or swimwear. The majority of these campaigns show a lot off, yet are deemed acceptable by most. This is something we think is amazing, but what about men’s underwear? If a man wears tight underwear […]

guys night in

How to have a perfect guys night in!

Why not show off your designer underwear at the guys night in? Much normal men’s underwear is boring and vanilla, Bill and Brandon boxers are eye-catching and will stand out against the crowd of boring boxers. Why not embrace life and wear a pair of sexy briefs instead of those old boxers? After all, there […]

Bill and brandon

Reasons why you should shop at Bill and Brandon

Bill and Brandon is a UK based brand which launched in late 2018, if you haven’t heard of the brand yet, where have you been?  Here are 5 reasons you should (already) be shopping at Bill and Brandon’s. Bill and Brandon create underwear for all men. With Bill and Brandon, you can expect to find […]