Top 5 Best Gay Underwear Designers

There are some things that our society is a master of, such as knowing which makeup role model has been struck off, or how to give the best party of the year, or, of course, which brand makes the sexiest underwear. Nowadays, everyone is looking for underwear that fits you and is tight enough. But don’t worry, we’ve done some deep research for you just to find the ideal underwear that fits and squeezes, as well as providing comfort in all the important places.


We should give ourselves credit for being dressed in underwear that’s comfy, stylish, and visually appealing.  Because if, someday, you meet a handsome stranger in a random street and take him to somewhere more private with you, the beautiful moment could be ruined if the pair of jocks you’re wearing is a turn-off.


But don’t let something like this ever happen to you: at Bill and Brandon, we’ve got everything for you, from men's designer swimwear to designer underwear including sexy boxers, briefs, jocks, and thongs!


Our Favourite Gay Underwear Designers:


The most urgent combination right now is no doubt ‘sexy’ and ‘men’s underwear’. Just the thought of it gives you the chills. Do you need to update your underwear drawer? Check out our list of the top 5 best gay underwear designers:


  1. Bill and Brandon:

Bill and Brandon are so far one of the best brands that make sexy men’s underwear. Bill and Brandon sell a variety of sexy underwear including swimwear, underwear, jocks, thongs, sportswear and body accessories. Bill and Brandon underwear is made from exclusive material such as viscose, neoprene, and spandex: it is just like comfort and personality coming to life. Bill and Brandon’s sexy men’s underwear will give you the utmost comfort and support as well as a lift for down there.

Their website is filled with provoking images of sexy muscular men resting in their rooms or posing outdoors either wearing swim briefs, jocks, or thongs. Not only is their underwear attractive, but they are super comfy as well!