Bill and Brandon is UK’s Menswear brand backed by a gifted designer. With our innovative technologies and original designs, we are one of Europe’s fastest-growing menswear companies.

Bill and Brandon underwear is the sexiest line of men’s designer underwear, including Jocks and Thongs, Jockstraps, Swim briefs for men and a range of boxer briefs which are at same time sexy and comfortable.. Our men’s briefs, men’s sexy swimwear and boxer briefs, like our other clothes and accessories, are of the highest quality.

Bill and Brandon Supports Penile, Prostate and Testicular Cancer Charities. From our underwear to our active wear range, its perfect for every man.

Bill and Brandon Foundation is Raising Awareness of Testicular Cancer, We Care About Your BALLS!

Stay trendy with our collection of new sexy modern underwear. Bill and Brandon underwear includes the most exciting and trendsetting boxers and briefs currently available. They will make you feel both completely comfortable and irresistibly sexy.