• Reasons why you should shop at Bill and Brandon

    Bill and Brandon is a UK based brand which launched in late 2018, if you haven’t heard of the brand yet, where have you been?  Here are 5 reasons you should (already) be shopping at Bill and Brandon’s. Bill and Brandon create underwear for all men. With Bill and Brandon, you can expect to find […]
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    8 Tips to Make Your  If you are looking to increase your manhood, there are a few options to try... Lose the beer belly Sometimes worrying about...
  • Get Your Gay Underwear Box

    Bill and Brandon is UK’s Menswear brand backed by a gifted designer. With our innovative technologies and original designs, we are one of Europe’s ...
  • Why finding the perfect underwear is important

    A lot of us go for cheaper prices over quality, but what if you could get reasonably priced underwear for less? Bill and Brandon specialise in creating premium garments which all men should consider adding to their drawers. So why should you find the perfect underwear? Cheaper Brands will damage easily What you don’t want […]


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  • Model Search!

    Think you’ve got what it takes to be our next Bill and Brandon Boy? Bill and Brandon underwear is the sexiest new line of designer underwear, including Jocks and Thongs, and a range of boxer briefs which are at same time sexy and comfortable. Our men’s briefs and boxer briefs, like our other clothes and […]


  • Best Anti-Chafing Underwear for Men

    The Bill and Brandon Bamboo Boxer is comfortable, supportive, and highly durable. It won’t rub against your inner thighs and other sensitive parts....
  • Why Pride is the best

    Here at Bill and Brandon we are huge supporters of Pride and the fantastic parades which take place every year, we love the celebration that takes part and allows everyone to be who they are. Whether you’re an ally, gay, bi or any other sexuality you should be able to enjoy pride without limitations. Pride […]
  • Why men should be allowed to wear sexy underwear

    Women’s underwear is everywhere, from in shops in your local town to all over social media, whether it’s bras, underwear or swimwear. The majority of these campaigns show a lot off, yet are deemed acceptable by most. This is something we think is amazing, but what about men’s underwear? If a man wears tight underwear […].


  • How to take a sexy underwear selfie

    Bill and Brandon supplies a variety of designer underwear which deserve to be shown off, don’t you agree guys? A lot of guys lack confidence when it comes to taking selfies and this doesn’t need to be the case. Guys can take just as good selfies as girls if not better, trust us. So grab […]