How to have a perfect guys night in!

Why not show off your designer underwear at the guys night in? Much normal men’s underwear is boring and vanilla, Bill and Brandon boxers are eye-catching and will stand out against the crowd of boring boxers. Why not embrace life and wear a pair of sexy briefs instead of those old boxers? After all, there is nothing wrong with showing off. A luxury pair of men’s underwear like Bill and Brandon will provide you with great comfort and confidence, as well as making you the centre of attention.

If you’re feeling nice, why not treat your friends to a pair of Bill and Brandon too? Or even get them as a prize if you’re hosting a games night. The winner gets a pair, sounds like the best prize to us. Grab yourself a drink or five and play some drinking games, truth or dare is one of our favourites, we will let you decide on the questions for that one. Although, dares are always more fun aren’t they? Beer pong, never have I ever and even a game of Twister (only in your Bill and Brandon briefs if you’re up for it) or all super interesting ways to get to know someone new at any party and maybe even get closer to the guy you’ve been crushing on.

If you’re lucky enough to own a hot tub, these make fantastic ways to relax and hang out during social nights. If you’re with the guys, make sure you all have brought your swimwear ready for the hot tub. Men’s Swimwear is nothing to be ashamed of, Bill and Brandon swimwear help bring the life to the party and Bill and Brandon swimwear is great quality and looks amazing on every guy.

Since there are many different types of men’s underwear, why not try to explore different avenues and try a new form of underwear? Jockstraps are great for trying something new and exploring the different sorts of men’s underwear. Bill and Brandon have new jockstrap range that are sure to be an impressive item to wear and will get your attention at your night in with the guys.

Finally remember to take tons of selfies, because who doesn’t love to post a selfie or ten online during their night in? Make everyone who isn’t there jealous and of course, show off your hot body in the process.