How to take a sexy underwear selfie

Bill and Brandon supplies a variety of designer underwear which deserve to be shown off, don’t you agree guys? A lot of guys lack confidence when it comes to taking selfies and this doesn’t need to be the case. Guys can take just as good selfies as girls if not better, trust us. So grab your Bill and Brandon boxers and get ready to find our tips for taking the perfect sexy underwear selfie.

Set the scene:

Finding a great location is one of the most important things in any selfie, whether you’re taking indoors or outdoors, make sure that the scene behind you looks good. Nobody wants to see rubbish on the floor when they’re admiring you in the pic. A bedroom is always a great place for a sexy selfie or ten, sets the mood too! 

Good lighting:

No matter how amazing you look in your sexy briefs any photo without using the light to your advantage your photos could be left shadowy, if you are relying natural lighting find the brightest place in your location to take your picture, this eliminates shadow and leaves you looking flawless. If you take the photo during golden hour which is just before the sun is about to set it brings a lot more of a softer red light which makes any photo look that extra bit perfect. 

Wear the best underwear you own:

Now, we already know which underwear are your best ones don’t we? Something you own from Bill and Brandon, whether this a jockstrap or men’s swimwear Bill and Brandon will leave you feeling fabulous and of course, looking even better. Wearing ugly old boxers is never going to complete the look like a pair of crisp white Bill and Brandon boxers. 

Don’t be afraid to pose:

Posing is key to taking a underwear selfie, as it can be all about angle. Try several shots where you’re trying to find the right pose for you. Use a location in which you feel comfortable in and move your body around until you find a pose which works for you. Whether this is sideways on, showing off more than what most of us can handle or sat down on the bed, you’ll figure it out.

Practise your facial expressions:

If you’re keeping your face in the photo make sure that matches your pose too, you know yourself which facial expressions look the hottest, so experiment in finding an expression which is a mix between sultry and mysterious can be trick but we know you can do it.

Thanks for reading guys and if you need new underwear to pose in feel free to browse our shop where we have something for every man.