How to keep your Bill and Brandon’s looking perfectly white

There’s nothing like a fresh pair of Bill and Brandon’s, there’s nothing quite like new underwear. Bill and Brandon’s underwear is made from high-quality premium materials, providing you with comfort and quality that is going to last. The problem with white clothing is that it needs to be washed separately to colours. If you wash white clothing with other colours, it will eventually turn a dark grey-ish colour or even a light pink. This isn’t what we want to happen to your clothes after we spend our money on them and they lose their colour, it’s a little disappointing. We want our clothes to be bold and we wear them to express ourselves, Bill & Brandon sell high-quality men’s underwear that is eye-catching and brilliant quality.

1.   Wash them separately

Wash your Bill and Brandon’s separately to your other laundry. If they go against heavier materials in the wash, the likely hood of the colour fading or them getting damaged is higher. Wash them on a cold gentle setting and separate, as hot water will damage the elasticity and fabric. You could even try hand washing them if you’d prefer that way your Bill and Brandons will remain in pristine condition, and they will last making your purchase all that more worthwhile.

1.   Watch out for those loose threads

Keep an eye on your Bill and Brandon underwear by cutting off any loose threads that might appear. This might sound ridiculous, but a loose thread will probably get worse and cause damage to your underwear. If the loose thread gets caught on your clothing (or someone else’s) it can damage your Bill and Brandon’s, so take any precautions to keep them looking fresh.

2.   Hang them up to dry, don’t tumble dry them

This is inconvenient, but like washing underwear in hot water, tumble drying will wear our the elasticity and the waistband. By hang drying them, they will stay in tip-top shape and look brand new all the time. This is easier in summer months when the weather is warm, as they’ll take less time to dry.

3.    Store them correctly!

That’s right, make sure your Bill and Brandon’s are stored away properly. Making sure your clothing is organised is a good idea, as then you know where everything is when you need them. Keeping them stored neatly and in a drawer will help their lifespan and will keep the fabric feeling super fresh for when you next need your Bill and Brandons.