Why Pride is the best

Here at Bill and Brandon we are huge supporters of Pride and the fantastic parades which take place every year, we love the celebration that takes part and allows everyone to be who they are. Whether you’re an ally, gay, bi or any other sexuality you should be able to enjoy pride without limitations. Pride festivals are full of colourful displays, lots of fun and nobody is judging. After years of being mistreated and worse for our sexuality, we deserve these festivals. June is known as ‘pride month’ and we love it. With our products cheering on every single man out there and encouraging us to show who we really are inside and out, we thought it would be cool to share 3 reasons why we think pride is top (wink) and how you can keep pride going all year round. P.s. if you haven’t got a pair of our sexy briefs, you’re missing out!

Be empowering:

How you want to be empowering us up to you, we enjoy taking underwear selfies and posting them across social media as it makes us feel proud of who we are. When we see pics of men wearing Bill and Brandon whether this be our boxers or jockstraps, we always make sure we share these as it’s awesome to see men feeling confident in our underwear! Show off your body with the world and let them know how awesome you are. Celebrate your sexuality every day of the year, because you’re awesome!

Spread positive messages online:

Take the time each week or so to go through hashtags which are filled with LGBTQ pictures and comment on them telling them how amazing they look or even tell them they’re hot in their designer underwear or men’s swimwear. You could also share these pics on your own social media. Writing nice things can make someone’s day and spreading the love is always a fantastic way to help boost the love within the community. Plus who doesn’t love a confidence boost right? 

Throw awesome parties:

Throwing parties and getting your friends together and talking all things pride or put on your own pride themed party (including dress code) where everyone is free to be themselves, wear what they want (only if it’s Bill and Brandon though, we joke) listen to the classic songs and have a really good night, some gay people don’t feel confident going out in clubs, so bring the club to your house! If you have a pool, why not throw a pool party, they’re always super fun! 

We hope you’ve enjoyed this post and if you don’t have your pair of Bill and Brandon yet, we have some fantastic offers on throughout our site.