Why men should be allowed to wear sexy underwear

Women’s underwear is everywhere, from in shops in your local town to all over social media, whether it’s bras, underwear or swimwear. The majority of these campaigns show a lot off, yet are deemed acceptable by most. This is something we think is amazing, but what about men’s underwear? If a man wears tight underwear on social media it often gets blocked, it seems to be often hidden away. In the stores, you get a small selection shoved in the corner whilst women get a whole floor. Here at Bill and Brandon we are fighting back and showing that men should be allowed and enjoy buying underwear as much as women. It’s not only the stigma around being able to buy these garments but also the type of underwear men can wear in general.

There are a variety of options on the market for men that aren’t shown to the masses when they should be including jockstraps and sexy briefs. Underwear for men should be allowed to be seen as sexy and enjoyed by the men, the same way in which women enjoy their trying on their new underwear. A man should wear underwear in which he feels comfortable. A lot of women are now ditching their thongs in order to wear men’s underwear, but the other way around doesn’t yet seem acceptable, we hope this will soon change. 

One of our bestsellers is our Jockstrap which not only makes feel sexy but also comfortable and of course, shows off your assets. These are the ultimate underwear for full-on sex appeal. With the premium material these are made out of, you’re bound to feel amazing and we love that!   

We want equality for men’s underwear, whether this is on social media or in the high street stores. Bill and Brandon are fighting back and our models are proud to show off their designer underwear all over the world, we are a new and upcoming brand and we can’t wait to keep showing the world what we have to offer, with the latest men’s swimwear and a new product launches happening, Bill and Brandon want you to share off your underwear with pride.